Metacogition & Reading in the Grade 2 Classroom

In working with the Grade 2 students at the International School of Tianjin, we have discovered a straightforward yet quite effective use of Flip camera technology in the classroom for development of metacognition skills in the language arts program.

The first step involves making a video recording of each student as they do their formal oral reading assessments.  Our original intent was simply to allow for the teacher to subsequently make detailed running records assessments by reviewing the videos.

However, we discovered a much more important use for the videos:  to allow each student to view their own video and make self-assessments (two stars and a wish) regarding their reading abilities.  Students are also invited to set self-determined goals for improving specific reading skills.

As the following example videos show, the students are able to make quite apt assessments of their own strengths and weaknesses, assessments which are almost always in perfect agreement with those the teacher would make.

THE VIDEOS (click on links to view):
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