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2010-11-07 Homework message to 5V parents

I apologize for sending this e-mail about the weekend homework so late in the weekend.  Future messages like this will come to you earlier.

This is a brief message to let you know about one of the important homework assignments for the weekend, and to ask for your help in making sure that it gets done.

Background information:
This week, all students in 5V (Mr. Vimont's class) will begin working on their final unit projects for our "ancient technologies" unit.  Each student has chosen an ancient technology (e.g., Greek chariot or Japanese rice mill), and for the next two weeks they will be working on (1) a research report and (2) a scale model of their piece of ancient technology.

We actually began task 2 (working on the model) on Friday, when the students took their Art class time to draw a sketch of the model that they will make, and then make a list of the materials required to build it.  They will be working on their models in the Art Room, and so will be able to use a variety of materials there for their models.  However, the materials lists of some students included things that they will need to bring from home.

The homework assignment:
This led to my assigning this important homework task for the weekend, which was communicated to the students on Friday:  COLLECT AND BRING FROM HOME ANY MATERIALS REQUIRED FOR BUILDING YOUR MODEL.  Not all students will need to do this, if all the materials that they need are available in the Art Room.

Please help if you have time:
If available to me, I have attached to this e-mail an image of your child's sketch and materials list.  If you have time this afternoon or evening, please review it with them and discuss with them whether they need to bring any materials from home.

Again, I apologize for the relative lateness of this e-mail.  I appreciate any help you could provide with this homework task.

Thanks very much,

Mr. Vimont